IT Support for Law Firms

Information technology has made it easier for attorneys to increase efficiency and better serve clients in every practice area, from employment law to medical malpractice, but the benefits of information technology also come with some risks. Mazteck IT is a support company with extensive experience helping law firms set up IT systems, increase data security and improve their IT practices and offer IT plans starting at $2/day.

Basic Law Firm IT Needs

Law firms have a variety of IT needs, from desktop computers and peripherals to cloud-based applications and software designed for legal case management. Mazteck IT has extremely knowledgeable professionals available to help law firm managers establish their IT infrastructure, make needed upgrades and troubleshoot network issues. Large law firms may also need assistance setting up a private cloud or purchasing cloud servers to increase efficiency without putting client data at risk.

Mazteck IT also has extensive experience setting up on-site and cloud-based solutions to help law offices with their scheduling, billing, project management and document handling. For example, we can set up document management systems that make it easy to find case files and keep track of edits. These systems can even have tiered permissions, ensuring the most sensitive documents can only be accessed by a limited number of employees.

Disaster Recovery for a Legal Practice

Our experienced team of professionals can also help a law firm recover from a natural disaster or system breach. Better yet, team members can help prevent disaster-related data loss by doing regular backups and developing recovery plans long before they're needed. As a result, legal clients can focus on business continuity rather than worrying about how they're going to recover data after a hurricane, tornado or other natural disaster.

Better Security for Legal Clients

A legal firm has an obligation to protect confidential data and make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Mazteck IT can help you meet this obligation by conducting security audits, addressing cybersecurity threats and performing ongoing remote monitoring to make sure all systems are as secure as possible. We have the expertise needed to advise you on protecting your systems against malware, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and viruses. Our team can also set up web filters and train your employees to avoid common security threats. For an added layer of protection, Mazteck IT also offers email filtering and encryption, blocking email-based attacks.

Reliable Support for the Legal Industry

Mazteck IT has over a decade of experience providing support for attorneys and their employees. Whether your law office needs ad hoc IT support or managed services on a monthly basis, our IT professionals have the industry expertise needed to help you make wise decisions. Call (973) 272-2324 to have us analyze your current setup or request help setting up a new IT system.