Nonprofit IT Support

Your nonprofit organization works tirelessly for its cause, and that's probably where your staff stays fully focused. And while that's likely a plus for fundraising initiatives and times when you need to tackle big challenges, it can leave less time for data security and learning the ins and outs of new technology.
Unfortunately, just like with a for-profit business, cybersecurity issues arise in the nonprofit sector that can leave your organization — and its donors and volunteers — at risk, and free services just don't cut it when cybersecurity is on the line. Mazteck IT can help in this regard by providing technology services precisely tailored to suit your organization's mission with IT plans starting at $2/day.

Reasons Nonprofit Organizations Need IT Support

While you might think you and your employees can manage cybersecurity for your nonprofit organization, creating a strong technology strategy may be tougher than you think. Most nonprofits run lean, preferring to focus resources on their mission rather than extra staff. That's where Mazteck IT comes in, helping you craft a cost-effective way to coordinate cloud storage solutions, manage site and data backup issues, get unlimited support and secure legacy systems. Your nonprofit clients trust you with their data, including donation records, but you probably don't have the latest tech to protect it. Our team assists you with that task as well, delivering network and server security that's friendly to the budget of most nonprofits.

Assessing Cybersecurity Risks for Nonprofit Clients

When first consulting with organizations, Mazteck IT takes an assessment of your cybersecurity risks. Good communication is important, so we do a deep dive to see what concerns you most and which services you absolutely require. We look at your nonprofit technology — from Google apps and software in use to hardware like servers, computers and smartphones — to see if there are open avenues for entry by intruders and data thieves. We offer nonprofit organizations the same high-quality support services we offer small businesses, helping you better compete with other nonprofits — in your community and around the world — for a limited supply of donor dollars.

Technology Solutions for Nonprofit IT Support

Let Mazteck IT handle the strategic planning and technology solutions when you need professional services to manage your nonprofit technology. Because our service first creates a strong foundation for cybersecurity, we make it simple for nonprofits to fulfill their mission by delivering solutions such as software installations, updates, patches and licensing, training workers in best cybersecurity practices and providing round-the-clock management and monitoring of hardware and backups. We also protect nonprofit organizations against hackers with tools and technologies that secure your data. Our 24/7 support system solution includes online/email tickets, helping you contact us when you identify an issue, aiding you in securing your network and preventing intrusion into core operations.

Nonprofit organizations face unique challenges like limited resources, making lower costs a must when choosing a managed IT provider. Mazteck IT aids management and board members of nonprofit organizations by delivering a managed service and support solution at a price point that works for most partners. If you're considering programs to assist your nonprofit organization with IT support, including hardware and software management, we serve communities in the New York and New Jersey area. Contact Mazteck IT today to discover more about programs that can save you money while helping you maintain data integrity.