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Mazteck provides fully-managed and scalable cloud solutions backed by prompt technical support

Cloud operating systems and applications are delivered over the internet rather than installed on local computers. They are accessible via any internet-connected device, so people can work in any location, at any time, and then back up to the cloud rather than a vulnerable local hard drive. The benefits are now generally recognized — greater productivity and resiliency for any organization.

The cloud also lets businesses access the newest software and the latest, safest versions of familiar software without having to own them. This subscription-based model keeps you competitive and makes it easy to add functionalities and users as your business grows, adjusting your subscriptions to match your needs. Gone are the days of wasting money installing software only to watch it become obsolete.

We have spent the last 15 years helping our clients overcome technological challenges. Mazteck will facilitate your seamless cloud migration, boosting productivity and enabling you to grow your business without needing to increase costs or staffing.


Cloud Computing Services for the Tri-State Area

As digital transformation continues to shape today's dynamic business environment, an agile infrastructure is one of the keys to success. Your teams need to be able to communicate and collaborate seamlessly, accessing the files they need from anywhere. A growing company needs the power and flexibility that cloud computing makes possible.

Mazteck IT has over 15 years' experience in the design and implementation, maintenance and management of cloud computing services for businesses in New Jersey, New York City and across the Tri-State Area. We customize flexible and powerful solutions to meet your business goals and deliver the kind of cutting-edge performance that will help you stand out.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing Services

The cloud uses high-speed internet to deliver operating systems and applications instead of installing them directly on your computer. Because it's accessible anywhere there's an internet connection, cloud-based services make it simple to work remotely at any time. Teams can then back up data to synchronized servers, limiting its vulnerability to on-site mishaps or malfunctions and making it easier to maintain consistency when multiple people are working on a project.

These features of cloud computing reliably boost productivity and resiliency for an organization that knows how to leverage and integrate them with its workflow. The cloud also makes it easy to stay current with the most secure versions of trusted software, using them on a subscription basis instead of buying them and watching them gradually decline into obsolescence. The subscription-based model makes it easy to scale up a business, adjusting to add functionality and users to meet your current needs.  

Mazteck IT's Cloud Services

Mazteck IT provides fully managed cloud computing services and seamless cloud migration. We help you leverage the power of the cloud to take your productivity to the next level, scaling your company's operations without big increases in overhead costs.

The cloud services we offer are:

  • Agile work solutions configure and scale your cloud-based subscriptions as your workload demands, headcounts and workflows evolve.
  • Cloud file sharing lets you access, edit and upload files of any size from anywhere, at any time. Teams can easily share and comment on files and communicate with each other for better productivity and efficiency. 
  • Cloud backup protects you from both minor and major mishaps and disasters, failures of local servers and the vagaries of human error with frequent automatic backups and fast, efficient file restoration.
  • Cloud migration services customize an overall cloud solution to meet your operational needs and migrate your files quickly and securely into the cloud.
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) compensates rapidly for network outages by providing seamless failover to virtual servers that allow you to continue operations without interruption.
  • IT as a Service (ITaaS) provides remote management of your IT services and digital security, freeing you to focus on the priorities of your day-to-day business.
  • Unified Communications (UC) connects all your devices regardless of brand, platform or location, boosting CX and workforce collaboration.

It's all backed by expert round-the-clock technical support 365 days a year. Contact Mazteck IT today and put the power of fully managed cloud computing to work for you!

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