Cybersecurity Solutions

Complete data protection and malware countermeasures for your network, endpoints, email, and documents

Cybersecurity Solutions

Maintain a safe business network in NJ and NY with cybersecurity solutions from Mazteck IT with plans starting at $2/day. So much of your business relies on the internet access to connect with customers, but the technology itself sometimes leaves your network open to intrusions. These data breaches not only affect your day-to-day operations but also have the potential to hold your data hostage and damage relationships with clients, making having cybersecurity specialists on your side an imperative for modern businesses. Call Mazteck IT today to discover how we can help with customized cybersecurity solutions that protect your data and your business.

Solid Cybersecurity Strategies

Rely on Mazteck IT to deploy industry-standard best practices to enhance your NJ and NY business's cybersecurity strategy using fortune 500 level protection. First, we test your network for vulnerabilities and discover any chinks in its armor before we begin utilizing tools and protocols to defend your cyber-assets. After we set up a customized cybersecurity solution, the process operates seamlessly 24/7 to detect and counter all types of threats posed by hackers and data thieves. We also help with defensive tools that protect data endpoints, even when employees click on links with ransomware or malware, and assess your cloud storage solution to ensure data backups stay safe and secure.

Mazteck's Security Services include:

  • Vulnerability tests – identify weaknesses that cybercriminals can exploit
  • Anti-malware solutions – detect and eliminate viruses, phishing, and spam
  • Data protection – protocols to ensure backups are redundant and robust
  • Web filtering – control employee access to potentially harmful sites
  • Email filtering and encryption – block email-borne attacks and protect messages enroute
  • Security awareness training – develop active vigilance against common hacking schemes


  • Datto
  • BBB A+ Rating
  • Bitdefender
  • Avast
  • Dell

Ransomware and Malware Solutions

Reduce risks of ransomware or malware damaging your data networks by utilizing Mazteck IT's expertise in your NJ or NY business. Our cybersecurity solutions detect and destroy spam, phishing attempts and viruses behind the scenes, and we use special protocols that back up your systems regularly to prevent data loss if an intruder manages to breach your network. Should thieves access your data and extort you for its release, we'll work with your business throughout the ransomware attack, helping you get back on track quickly and with minimal disruption to daily operations.

Filtering and Encryption

Prevent data intrusion before it becomes an issue with cybersecurity solutions for NJ and NY businesses by Mazteck IT. We offer web filtering options that control worker access to sites with the potential to harm your systems, and we also block email attacks that may find their way to employee inboxes. Encryption solutions prevent intercept and reading of en route email messages, helping to keep confidential business communications private.

Employee Cybersecurity Awareness

Ensure employees know what to look for with cybersecurity awareness training by Mazteck IT. Designed to alert workers in your NY or NJ business as to common ways hackers breach company networks, our training protocols reduce risks of successful phishing attempts and help your staff recognize common scams and schemes that trick them into providing their credentials to data thieves.

Data intrusion can wreak havoc on your business, derailing progress you've made toward long-term goals and decreasing customer trust. Fortunately, Mazteck IT has you covered with cybersecurity solutions that analyze and harden your network, creating robust filtering and encryption strategies and ensuring employees are aware of common ways hackers and data thieves exploit their access to gain entry into business systems. Mazteck IT cybersecurity protection also comes with a $1 million dollar guarantee, so contact us today for a free consultation and assessment at 973-272-2324.