Mazteck LOCK I.T.

Best-of-breed cybersecurity and application whitelisting and application control


Cybersecurity tools are essential in today's digital-led world, with many threats to businesses moving from the physical world to the online space. One of these vital tools is application whitelisting. Mazteck LOCK I.T. lets you provide a list of applications that are safe to run and blocks everything else from being installed on your company's network. 

Not only does application control give you peace of mind, it allows you to manage software inventory and ensures the workforce is focused on the task at hand.

What Is Application Whitelisting?

While antivirus software blocks known threats, application whitelisting is a catch-all tool that blocks everything apart from the software you choose to install. It takes a Zero Trust approach, which operates under the premise that attackers are ever-present and can compromise anything at any time. As such, all avenues for entry are tightly controlled, including websites, IP addresses and software.

With full application security in place, it's not possible for anyone or anything to run, open or use applications that aren't whitelisted.

Benefits of Application Control:

Enhanced Malware Threat Prevention

When it's only possible to execute authorized software on your endpoints and servers, potential threats don't have a chance.

Whitelists offer a higher level of security than antivirus and anti-malware solutions alone, making it impossible to infect your system with most types of malware. This is because whitelisting prevents so-called zero-day attacks, which are new or customized versions of malware that intelligence agencies aren't yet familiar with.

With an application whitelist in place, anything that hasn't been explicitly authorized by your team is blocked from execution. Your business is protected against remote Trojan access, return-oriented programming and advanced persistent threats. Fileless malware, zero-day threats and ransomware are thwarted with Mazteck LOCK I.T.

Software Inventory

In addition to protecting your company's precious data, application control can help your business manage its software inventory and streamline expensive software licenses. With software inventory, every piece of software on your system is recorded and monitored. Your security team can use this information to easily identify any incorrect software versions and unauthorized apps on the host.

What's more, resource allocation, budgeting and accounting benefit from having Mazteck LOCK I.T. in place. For instance, if you've purchased 50 copies of a CMS program and only see 20 in use, you can save money by reducing the number of licenses.

Increased Productivity

An added benefit of application whitelisting is increased productivity and automated management of the team. Mazteck LOCK I.T. makes it impossible for staff to install distracting apps on company devices, so they're focused on the job at hand. Managers don't need to monitor employees' internet or software use because trying to install anything not whitelisted simply won't work.

Additional Advantages of Mazteck LOCK I.T.

There are even more advantages to installing an application security program on your business network, such as:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Control and visibility
  • Reduce risk of BYOD
  • Reduce inspection requirements
  • Reduce attack surface

Implement Essential Cybersecurity Tools

If you're ready to step up your company's security measures and keep your essential data safe, get in touch with Mazteck IT today.