Laptop Repair Services NJ

A range of mobile tech repair and upgrade services at sensible prices


Portable devices such as laptops and smartphones make it easy to work from anywhere, any time. However, as advantageous as they are, the lightweight nature of these devices increases their susceptibility to damage. Random impacts, cracked screens, disabled system settings, and battery failure are just a few of the problems that are likely to slow you down.

Implementing certain preventive measures can lower the occurrence of such incidences, but not stop them completely. With age comes inevitable system failures and glitches that need to be dealt with. This is where Mazteck comes in. A quick laptop diagnosis and repair can restore your laptop to its prime.

A closer look at some of our Laptop Repair Services:

Screen Repairs

Cracked screen, white spots, and horizontal and vertical lines are considered to be the most common problems that laptop users experience. Our screen repair and replacement services are reliable and extremely affordable.

Malware Removal

Malware can affect the performance of your device and cause the loss of important data. Anti-virus software, as effective as it may be, can only do so much. Mazteck can quickly clean your laptop of unwanted software and make it run like new.

Data Transfer & Recovery

Data loss is a constant risk and the impacts can range from frustration to bankruptcy. At Mazteck, we can restore and salvage lost data in very little time.

Performance Boost

Your laptop could be booting up or running slowly due to a number of reasons. From an in-depth diagnosis, we will be able to identify the problem and deal with it effectively, giving your computer an amazing speed boost.

Broken Laptop Keys

Over time, your keyboard will wear out. If your laptop keys are becoming unresponsive or have lost their label, we can replace them with new ones or replace the entire keyboard.

Battery Failure,
Battery Repair,
& Replacements

Laptop batteries have limited lifespans and failures are inevitable. We can provide new batteries for most laptops and if possible, we’ll try to repair an existing battery.

Looking for Desktop or Mac Repairs?

Mazteck repair services extend to desktop PCs and Macs of all kinds. Click below to learn more.

Mazteck’s Laptop Repair FAQs

First, check if you are connected to a power source. If you aren’t, plug in and connect your cable before trying to switch it on. If the laptop does not turn on, it could mean there’s a problem with the charger’s power cord, the battery, or the laptop itself. Mazteck can quickly diagnose and resolve the problem.

A laptop crash can be due to a number of reasons. Before bringing it for diagnosis, try switching it on and off. If it still does not improve, it is best to have it checked by Mazteck.

The fewer times you drain your laptop’s battery, the longer it will work. Thus, whenever possible use your laptop plugged into a power source. Only resort to relying on your battery if you’re not close to a power source.

Your laptop’s fan is responsible for keeping the temperature at a normal state. Make sure that it is working properly. If the fan isn’t working, try removing any dust build up with a blower. If it’s still getting hot, call us and we’ll take care of it.