How Microsoft Teams & VoIP Can Benefit Your Business

Revolutionize Intra-Office Communication

If your business involves much in the way of typed documents, PowerPoint presentations, or spreadsheets, there’s a good chance you already have Microsoft Office 365. And if you’re taking advantage of a business-level subscription, then you also have Microsoft Teams. But did you know that Microsoft Teams will allow anyone in your business or organization to contact any other member using any Windows, Apple, or Google device? With Office 365, you can enjoy a total cloud-based PBX solution – completely eliminating the need for expensive and cumbersome PBX hardware. This makes it easier than ever to empower your employees with simple, streamlined communication.

But Microsoft Teams isn’t just a great way to facilitate intra-office collaboration. When you fuse it with the power of VoIP, you can replace your business’s entire phone system.

Change the Way You Connect with Clients & Suppliers

By integrating Mazteck Phone System to your Microsoft Teams account, you can tailor your business’s calling capabilities to your needs. For example, if your sales department needs to be able to make and receive domestic and international calls while your HR department only needs access to domestic calls, you can create a custom plan that only requires you to pay for the services you’re actually using.

 In addition, Microsoft Teams will give you all of the great features you’re used to, including voicemail, call forwarding and simultaneous ringing, and more. And perhaps best of all, you can access your entire phone system from the convenience of your Microsoft Teams app, whether you use a desktop PC, a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone. It’s even compatible with a variety of headsets and speakerphones so you don’t have to buy loads of new hardware.

Enjoy a Host of Other Great Features

But replacing your business’s phone system is just the beginning of what Microsoft Teams can do. It also provides a simple chat option similar to Slack that’s available to everyone in your business. It give you the ability to do video conferencing, file sharing, and screen sharing. In short, it’s the perfect option for any company that understands the value and importance of reliable communication.