Surveillance Systems NJ

Digital video security for homes, businesses, and public facilities

Mazteck security cameras, digital video security systems, and video surveillance solutions are in use all across the NJ/NY region. We provide a range of video security equipment including SONY CCTV security cameras, digital video recorder systems (DVR) and accessories, as well as a range of security solution packages.

Our skilled installation team will professionally install all cables, cameras, and recording equipment throughout any property. All of our systems will let you monitor your secured site in real-time via your computer, tablet, or smartphone, from anywhere with an internet connection. If you would like to learn more, contact us today and we will explain your options in detail or schedule an onsite survey.

Digital Video Recorders

Mazteck Digital Video Recorders (DVR) make it easy for you to record, store, and view your surveillance video data. DVRs record to a hard drive, which provides multiple surveillance options, such as motion-detection recording and long-term reviewing. Depending on the package, users have the ability to review events that occurred several months in the past.

Camera options

Dome Camera

  • Color CCD dome cameras are the professional’s choice
  • Proven performance and reliability with 20,000+ in the field
  • Discreet design for a clean surveillance install
  • HD color surveillance data provides an extremely sharp image

Night Vision IR

  • Night vision version of the Dome Camera for 24-hour security
  • Pan and tilt ability
  • Discreet design for a clean surveillance install
  • No infrared glare in the picture

Vandalproof Dome

  • Armor Dome tamper-proof, weatherproof construction
  • HD color image data
  • Perfect for unsecured and remote sites
  • Indoor or outdoor use


  • Pan, tilt, and zoom capability — this camera sees everything!
  • 220x total zoom capability (22x optical + 10x digital)
  • Rugged weatherproof housing for outdoor applications
  • HD color image data

Plus we have a range of other models. For more information, contact us today!